How I manage this family of 4 without loosing my mind

Hey lovely! Thanks for stopping by! So as I promised on my IG, I wanted to share some tips and tricks on how I manage my family while working,studying,blogging and doing other extra things on the side. How do I do all of these without loosing my mind , you ask? Well.. let's proceed! First of all, it's a no brainer that having a partner who is your teammate and…

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Hello Curls!!!

Ladies!!! I’m super excited to finally say that I found a brand that I really love! Most especially when it comes to defining curls after twist outs, shingle method,braid outs,etc..…


Tristan’s Birth Story

Hi guys, It feels like forever since I updated anything in my family blog and as you can imagine , it’s been a handful 1 month already! Yes!! It’s been…