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May the Journey to Baby begin!

Today was finally the day Chris and Adriel had time to put the crib together! YAY!!!

As I watched them work on the crib, I had a very bad  back pain, but just to watch and admire them and realizing how blessed we are to have our family growing with such love ..That was worth every minute.

I promise to put up the final results of what everything will look like. We still have tons of things to get but I am glad we are catching up with the organization part of things so that other things can easily have places to go.

I can literally see us spending every minute right here in the room just gazing at the baby as he sleeps,lol.

There is just so much love awaiting for him. We are truly blessed and thankful. Here’s a little overview of everything. The boys did an amazing job!

Oh, and I got to finally fold some clothes. Thanks to the dividers that I have been dragging to purchase. Finally. 🙂

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