Omelette au Frites et sardines-snowed in morning breakfast

Have you ever tried omelette with fries? If yes, have you tried it with sardines?? ( yum,hunh?). But if not, YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT to what might be your go to- 10 min prep (even less if you use frozen fries)!

Today was a snow day and Chris was unfortunately stuck at work since last night and I and Adriel decided to make ourselves some Omelette au frittes et sardine.Simply stands for “Omelets mixed with fries and sardines”

This could do a great brunch btw! 🙂

All right all you really need to make this deliciousness is :

Potatoes cut into fries shapes ( Or frozen potatoes if you’ve got some)

Eggs and sardine. ( I used one sardine out of the can for 3 eggs. But I could have used more, just wasn’t sure if Adriel was gonna like, but he ended up loving it!)

Preparation :

Fry the potatoes to your liking

Remove the fries from oil and put them on the skillet on a medium heat

and right away, spill your mixture of beaten eggs and sardine all over the fries

Prep like you would any omelette

End result should look something like this:

I enjoyed this while catching up on my blog this morning. Glad Adriel loved it 🙂

Give it a try! don’t hesitate to ask any question! xoxo!






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