9 weeks and 3 days to go!!! #Bumpdate

Okay, I must admit- I wasn’t too great with the whole #Bumpdate thing. I just felt like third trimester was never gonna come. It was dreading and just discouraging to keep everyone updated on the weekly basis like other moms to be do( kudos to them). BUT worries, we are starting with week 30 and I promise to be committed weekly from now on ( Cheating my way ,..I know ..I know!).

But before I get into the third trimester, Let me just give a brief overview on my first and second.



I had the worst  first trimester experience anyone could ever ask for. It lasted 4 whole months. Now here was the struggles I faced:

  • Extreme nausea. Constantly getting sick even when I had nothing in my stomach. I was horrible.
  • Sensitivity to smell. Including my very very sweet husband and son’s skin smell. They ended up staying away from me most of the time unless they needed to bring me something in the room where I barely left for 4 months! oh and they all gave up on using lotion just because the smell would travel to my room and I would go crazy.
  • Anti-shower. Showering was like a death sentence to me. Though I would try the my hardest at times to jump in and out of the shower,the smell of the bathroom alone was getting to me and I also had almost no energy to stand up and walk so I’d just stay on my bed. Unless of course the bladder bothered.
  • Mood swing. I was so desperate for some love and cuddling , but as soon as my husband would come close to me and kiss me, I would hold my breath and wipe away his kiss. Somehow I couldn’t stand the touch of his lips anywhere on my skin. ( So yes,..he really suffered). Many times he would called off work just to stay with me, but he will end up alone in the living room because I couldn’t stand him next to me. ( hm.. poor thing, I know).
  • Depression. I became suicidal towards the end. I literraly was ready to call the help line and tell them I couldn’t live anymore. I had lost about 10 pounds or even more and I was sick and tired of the bed. I wanted to do so much around the house but I couldn’t. I had no life. I was alone and lonely. I cried everyday. I felt like my husband and son wouldn’t understand me. Nothing Chris said was making any sense.


Oh sweet old ginger!! A friend of mine who was also pregnant but in her late 3rd trimester told me to try ginger tea. This really helped me. It was not until I drank that tea, ( during the depression phase) that I felt alive again. I drank the tea the first time at night time, and I remember waking up so  energetic and ready to conquer the world! I showered, got pretty, asked my husband to take me out.. it was great! .. But only lasted couple of days until I went back to sickness mode again 🙁 I know. But about a week after the ginger, I started feeling so much better. Got a lot done around the house, .. and there my life had his colors back and I could enjoy the blessings growing inside of me.


Second trimester brought sunshine. I was happy. Gaining weight, organizing my family, getting things done around the house ( FINALLY. But Chris had everything on lock when I couldn’t do much and I can never thank him enough). I was so ready to give my son and husband the break they so much deserved for being there and taking care of themselves when I could not do anything.

I felt so free and so motivated to conquer life. I was able to knock out a 4 classes session with good grades. This girl was on fire!  🙂

The Baby had his anatomy ultrasound after which I was nervous to hear back from ( Like any parent should be). But everything looked great and he was  growing like a little champion!


As I am still trying to kick it like a rock star, I cannot ignore the:

  • Backache. Lower back kills me. Haven’t taken anything for it yet, but I really should.
  • Unable to bend. It is get more and more difficult to bend. Chris and Adriel have been great at helping me put on my shoes and when I am cleaning , they are the quicker picker upper ,lol. Such an amazing team we are. Love it!
  • Insomnia. Right now I think it is getting better. but I was basically up at 2 am and I would not sleep until 9 a.m. And wake up around 7 p.m only to go back to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 2 am again. My days were nights and my nights were days. But I have been working really hard to keep myself asleep at night unless I am really starving then I would make sure I run in the kitchen , grab a banana or something quick and run back to bed. so far so better.
  • Low energy. I have been running out of my second trimester energy. I can really feel the heaviness of the baby. I am working on taking every daily task at ease but I do not want to be unproductive, the first trimester made me hate being unproductive.
  • Hunger. Yup, The baby is now gaining 1 pound every two weeks and I can feel that too! Thankfully I have been cooking and we have decided to do less eating out just so that I can stay healthy.

Besides, I am so grateful and taking these last weeks preciously. We are very excited and JUST CAN’T WAIT to meet our new edition!

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