Spring 2017 Nail Colors are here!!!

You probably might the type to always make sure your nails are done…at the nail shop. So was I up until laziness to go anywhere kicked in. Thankfully, as much time free time as I have on my hand, I am now into learning how to paint my own nails.

I have discovered the fastest way to dry your nails and some tips and tricks on how to make your nails look professionally done ( can’t wait to share these tips!). As for the brand. I went to target to get the spring colors and as soon as I walked in the aisle, I had all of these lined up. Though I could have picked the bigger brand names like revlon , etc. I think these are perfect! and besides, I am still new to this self manicuring  thing. 🙂

Overall, the ICE nail polish can last up to two weeks (with two coats) and even more if you’re not like me, constantly putting my hands in water.


work in progress but not bad,hunh? 😀
A week later I tried on this color. Loved it. And I did a better job on painting too.


How do you like your nails done?



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