What’s in my purse

If you are like me , addicted to making sure everything is where it should be ( otherwise your whole life will feel like it’s crumbling down). Well, one of the habits you might have is keeping your purse organized.

I find that having a purse that is easy to organize by compartment is better than a tote bag. Though one of my all time favorite Tote bag that I have had for the last 2 years as an everyday bag was a black and beige Ralph Lauren. Loved the classy look and the fact that it could go with any outfits. When picking an everyday bag, I always go with a neutral color. This saves me from having a lot of purses and also of course saves me from switching bags.

So what do I actually have in my purse?

My Ralph Lauren wallet. I have had this wallet for about two years and it is not going anywhere! still hard and looking brand new 🙂
This cute make-up pouch is hand made from Liberia. Thanks to hubby 🙂
I also always make sure I have my body spray, the current lipstick that I am wearing on that day, chapstick ( always) and foundation , in case I need a little touch up.
My purse parfume is “Si” by Armani. Love the scent.


I cannot live without my planner. And this particular one has all needed sections including an inspiration section where I jot down all of my ideas , etc.. can’t get any better. (little scratches around the corners from putting it in and out of the purses).
I have lots of colorful pens by paper mate which I love. and I guess in this case I also had a regular boring pen,lol.
I usually have a book in my purse. But this particular book is like my life’s bible. Though I have read it countless times, it is always a fast grab for me. ( This book literally played a major role in my life).


What’s in your purse?



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