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#Bumpdate 9 weeks more to go! 

The baby has now all of his senses ! hooray!! And from now ,he’s picking up 1 pound every two weeks (Not sure how affected that makes me- pound wise that is! lol).

Today I had such an amazing time shooting for my #bumpdate! Seems like the weeks are going so fast! And that’s great! 🙂

So far the only thing bothering me is the back and ankle pain that I feel everytime I overwork myself.  When the pain kicks in, I know that I need to take it slow.I have a great team on my side. Adriel has been such an amazing boy. He usually takes the afternoon shift. When I clean up the living room, after school he will pick up things from the floor that of course I can’t pick up.Chris is basically everything else. He helps out with cooking when I am tired. He does laundry and I will do the folding,etc.. and basically he’s been an amazing help since it all started. There are times when I wake up and do everything but at the end I exhaust all my energy. It’s hard to watch my boys do so much but it feels great to know that we are such an amazing team :). Every now and then I make sure I surprise them with little gestures of appreciation. 

Otherwise, this has been an amazing pregnancy journey..  Beautifully so. As we approach the terminal, I want to take every little last step of this journey as preciously as I can. I know I will be missing this cute bump. ( Though I CANNOT wait to fit back into my clothes, lol).

until Next week!



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