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#Bumpdate- 7 more weeks to go!

Hi guys!! 🙋🏽

It’s been a little while since I have been here. I have so many excuses , but I will just use one. I have been extremely lazy lately. Right after finishing my #21earlydays challenge ( Which I announced the start of on IG), I was done! Though I had a great time waking up early, setting up the house, cooking, etc.. all that before waking Adriel up at 8. It would take me about 2 hours to feel accomplished as if I have done everything I needed to do during the day. The rest of the time, I would spend it meditating, reading , researching some inspirational decorations, words, etc..

But anyways, back to the bump date. Today marks 33 weeks!! and I definitely am not jumping or dancing this time. I can officially say that I am THERE. And by there I mean, EXHAUSTED , TIRED, HEAVY, UNCOMFORTABLE. I am starting to feel like 7 weeks is eternity. But I also know that the more frustrating I am becoming , the closer I am getting.


Today morning


No cravings at the moment. Just hungry every hour. Baby is gaining 1/2 pound every week, and I am gaining 1 pound every week. So you can imagine how hungry that makes me in a day. Just to think of how much I am eating makes me more impatient to hit the gym once this little guy is out. But I can’t say that I am not enjoying the freedom! 🙂

How ready are we?

Well Chris and Adriel are excited and can’t believe that my belly has stretched this big. THEY are beyond ready. They have been doing such a great job motivating me and keeping my smile going through these crazy times. ( Gotta love them!).  so far we have gotten almost everything for the baby. The only things we need to order is basically a car seat and a stroller. ( we will be doing a lot of traveling with the little one, we were looking for a stroller that can be portable and bent into a tiny size and I am glad we finally found one). I also need to work on packing my hospital bag and Chris’ too. But I am kind of taking my time on that one. Maybe in two weeks that will be my focus. ( again,..laziness talking).

Sweet morning

My thoughts on labor

I have never been this nervous before! Just to think that with Adriel I was a superwoman- With no epideural or any pain medicine, I managed to push without any complains or crying (thanks to a method I had learned from a wise woman). But now, knowing that this pain might not be as it was for Adriel and that it can be even worst, I don’t know what to expect. I definitely am not planning on having the baby any other way. With the Braxton Hicks, I can’t tell how worst labor pain will be because I am handling those contractions just fine with some breathing exercises. So I guess we shall see!

Personal thoughts

We grow and learn from our past mistakes. And having to have been in this position before, I have been blessed to recognize every little thing that needs to be changed. There has been a lot that we have established me and Chris regarding family or simply just us as  husband and wife. It is a huge blessing to know that I have a husband who is very understanding and puts my thoughts , ideas and worries into consideration. Don’t get me wrong, Chris can be a tough cookie at times, but I don’t think I am any different. We have learned so much from each other thus far and can only move forward successfully by following the path that God has traced for us.

I see Chris being such a great dad. By looking at him and Adriel; The time that he takes with Adriel before he goes to sleep, the little “men talk” they have, the encouragement and especially the time that he takes after work- instead of sleeping, he always makes sure Adriel hangs out a little then brings him home right before homework time. He loves children and has always dreamed of being a dad. He is amazing! There is just so much positivity in our home, and there is this “teamwork” thing that we have established and it seems to work perfectly ( especially when it comes to keeping the house clean 🙂 ).

As a woman, I am growing each day. I might not have that much time to hang out with the ladies, but I have found that my energy is well spent for now. I spend most of my time learning how to be a better person, better wife and better mother. I love my role and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am living with no complains at all and I can only thank God for this peace of mind and a joyful family.

Allright! This is it for my #bumpdate! Until next time! Have yourself a lovely weekend dear!




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