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so a year and a half ago, I started the blogging journey. Now why in the world did I choose this path? many might be wondering this ( especially those inboxing me telling me that I share too much). Frankly there is nothing I would rather do now. This has become my focus. There are many reasons why I have taken this road but I will point out as much as I can remember for now. ( I hope this can help you decide wether you want to check that “unfollow” button on my page..or not)

1. Motivation



Before remodeling my website, last year I had a pretty clean and simple blog on which I would just share tips and tricks on how to live a better life. Everything I was writing was based on my experience and things that I did that helped me overcome a lot in life. Things that I know A LOT of people out there struggle with. The feedback was amazing. So with the encouragements of my husband, I decided to expand it a little bit. With the transition that I am going through, there has been a lot more that I have learned as a wife and a mother and a soon to be mother to another baby. As a blogger, I thought I’d transition along with my readers and kind of invite them into my little lifestyle. I have been blessed to mentally, emotionally and just all around lifestyle like – be where I have always dreamed of being. Thought Chris and I are just beginning this journey that will lead to awesome days, There has been many many steps and decisions taken that helped us get where are ( nothing fancy, just that pure happiness and peace of mind is everything), I decided to turn my motivational blog into a more active blog. I decided to show what I do and how I do them instead of just writing about them. I just lunched my newly remodeled site and so far it has exceeded my expectations. So thank you so much for the clicks and the reads!

2. To grow

I use my blog as a personal growth chart. Chris and I want to see progress in everything we do in a daily basis, and I want to look back and see how much progress we have made in life and I as a blogger how far I have pushed this. This is really the beautiful thing about blogging. It kinda keeps you grounded on your topics and that to me is a sense of motivation too :).

3. To learn

Besides reading self help books, I love reading other mothers’ and lifestyle bogglers’ blogs and learning from them. They are no different from me. I love knowing that I am not the only one who thinks a certain way or do certain things certain ways for my family. It’s good to catch yourself reading someone’s blog and go “RIGHT!! this is exactly what I do!”. There is some sense of encouragement I find in other’s blogs that keep me focused on what I share and what I want to share. I always remind myself to stay my own person and do things my way.

4. Share the little precious family moments

With me blogging about my family and what have been up to, things we have done, places we have what makes me a “family” lifestyle blogger. It is me sharing my  family’s lifestyle  to my readers. This might bring you back to point 1, but I want to elaborate a little more here. I have changed my audience from my fan page( which had almost 5,000 followers by the time I decided to close it) to my personal page for a reason. I wanted my community to connect with me. I have been where a lot of people in my community are. There is a lot of hypocrisy going on in a lot of homes, friendships,relationships and marriages. How do I know? ooh honey, I have been there and done that and spotting it is as easy for me as 123. To me, being able to share my happy little family and things that we do, is with hopes that I am giving ideas out there that life isn’t lived by staying stuck in a box. With this, I have had a lot of amazing young women asking me questions and wanting to know more. I stay as open and helpful as I would be if it was my sister coming to me. And this boosts my energy. So thank you kindly for those who have trusted to come to me for those little messenger conversations. (That I might get to hours later, haha).

5. To show my community that they CAN have a different outlook in life

Life is simple. We women have the ability to flip our homes from depressing to joyful. We do! I am telling you a simple fact based on my own experience. There are a lot of “cultural reasons” that people aren’t where they are supposed to be in life. They are either stuck and can’t move from their depressing, tiring and overwhelming lives or they simply do not know how to decide and take control of their lives. ( unfortunetely,many people do not know how to. For them it’s too impossible to even think about it). There is an article I read while taking a Domestic Violence class this past semester, and it stated that immigrants are prone to being mentally abused because of the simple fact that when they come from their countries to the U.S, they stay within their communities and do not step outside of their comfort zone. Now, that comfort zone has a lot to do with the immigrants’  respective cultures. But no one realizes how incompatible the two lifestyles can be while living in the country with a different system. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am all about cultures and traditions but I have learned to pick and choose carefully what I can and cannot agree with. This article opened my eyes. Of course I was far from where I have been before (in life) while reading this article, but I found that it was dead on! It clicked for me! it made me look at my community and see how people still act,talk,dress , treat their wives and families just as it was back in the country. The churches are still the same, pastors are treated the same ways, etc.. Nothing changed. Many have been in the US for over 15 years, but yet, besides when at work, there is almost no connection to the outside world. Everyone who comes and is welcomed by their communities, and there they stay.. For years and years and years.Very little find that breaking the cycle is the only way to making it out in this country and live a fulfilling and successful life.

This believe it or not, has a lot to do with the daily stress that women face in their homes. Daily stress that men come to from work. Just to think that making a certain decision will affect the way the community members think of a certain person, that person rather stick it out and settle for the unhappy and of course unhealthy life.

These are the main reasons why I have chosen the blogging path. This is my little corner where I open up and share topics with the world. For my Facebook followers, I wrote this so you can understand what blogging is and reasons why I blog. I can just say that many who have been inboxing me might not know what blogging is and they were a little confused, but I hope this clears things up for you and helps you decide weather to unfollow me or not.

Thank you for stopping by!! Have an amazing Sunday!



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