Adriel turns 8! (Bday recap)

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I missed my readers this past week as I was struggling with a terrible flu. But thank God I woke up feeling much better today and thought I’d blog about Adriel’s birthday.

So Adriel’s birthday was Friday on the 7th and turned out to be the last day of school for spring break! How amazing was that? As we were planning on having the birthday on that Sunday, chris and I decided to make him some mini pancakes (his favorite) in the morning and just get his day started with a smile. 8 stacks of pancakes and thankfully I had a candle in my drawers.

His curtains are eclipse curtains so it’s really dark in his room. Explains why he struggles waking up in the morning! 🙂
Sleep disturbed with a happy bday song and of course the curtains are open. Get up! Bday boy!
Think I missed the blowing part..
Chris and I weren’t sure which cookie cutter to use. He decided on the star shape, but I thought It’d make the pancakes too small , so we all agreed on the circle shape! 🙂 oh! Here? Not sure what these two were up to! 😀
I love capturing moments like these.. he was very happy and ended up thanking us for making his morning special. (He’s so good at being grateful this little guy!)

His Bday wish list was Hollywood studios ( that we pushed till after summer break), a new bicycle, and a scooter. Chris and I wanted to surprise him with a bicycle after he returned from school. ( he has a hover board from his dad, so we figured he really did not need a scooter).

The expression was priceless. He couldn’t wait to go outside. Unfortunately for him, it was too cold 🙁

It was Friday, Adriel was to go spend the weekend at his dad’s and we had a lot to take care of for Sunday. All in all I was extremely sick. But nothing could stop me from ignoring all pain until his big day was over. After dinner and ice cream, off he went for the weekend and Chris and I continued with some errands that never ended until Sunday, the party day.

He wanted a pool party. Adriel loves to swim. He never leaves the pool. Although he’s had pool parties twice already, it seems to never get old. So we decided to make it happen and let him draft his own list of guests.

Drafting a list of friends to invite to his bday. Mostly his cousins and few friends.


I woke up on Sunday NOT FEELING WELL at all. But I knew I had to stick it out. Chris also was super exhausted from working the night before, but we kept motivating each other to get moving. ( it was funny. There was a moment when I literally couldn’t walk, lol). I knew I had to make some finger food for the parents since we were going to be there for 3 hours. I took on a challenge to make some samosas for the first time and they came out very well, but I probably shouldn’t  have given myself that much work.. maybe making them the night before would have been better. I also had some madeleine cookies , meatballs and grapes. This was going to do it for the adults while the kids had pizza , popcorn and little snacks after swim and play.

The unexpected surprise ( and our very confused faces)

It wasn’t until the kids were ready to eat that I received a call from his dad saying that there was a surprise for Adriel and that it was a superhero and everything was being coordinated right in front of our eyes ( without us having any clue). Stuck on my chair due to back pain, I let Chris know of this and he went and made sure to meet the superhero. Chris and I had a confused look that other parents certainly caught on. Though we wished we knew in advance of this surprise so that we could plan ahead on the timing of the party, we also knew that this was very exciting and of course something that Adriel would love and never forget. We ended up adding more time to the party so that the kids could have time for pizza and cake after Mr. Transformer was done with them. ​( yup! It’s was a giant,walking,talking transformer! and not only kids were surprised.. Parents too). So credits and Kudos to Mr. And Mrs. Kule for the surprise!

A picture with an amazing lady who’s kids have been like family to Adriel. When Adriel is away, he spends a lot of time with her and her kids. Very sweet kids and very sweet lady! 🙂

The day ended well. Adriel had a blast and that was all we wished for! 🙂

Cheers !🎉

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