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36 weeks,2cm dilated and 20% effaced 

Happy Saturday beautiful soul! Can’t believe it’s been weeks since I last updated the blog. With classes in session, New family routine planning, getting ready for baby, my to-do list has been off the charts! But I want to stop and talk about my 36 weeks visit!

Well , for the first time in my life I got a ” Ms. Lemande, you need to slow down on the weight gain!” Haha! Relax, no biggie. What the doctor meant was that from the last visit,I have gained about 4 pounds. And mind you this is a weekly visit. Though I have been terribly underweight during the first trimester ( and before pregnancy. I’ve always been underweight no matter what and how much I eat), it looks like on the second trimester my appetite kicked in well and behavaved, but I can’t explain to you how hungry I am getting by the hour now! So there was no surprise when I heard those words from the doctor. It feels good to actually hear the opposite of what I’ve heard countless times by nutritionists. This actually inspired me to make sure I keep couple of pounds on after baby and not go back to my regular skinny self. I hope it works ! I always have issues gaining weight. The highest I have ever weighed has been 124, and that seems to be my limit. We will see what the future holds! 🙂 not that I’m not okay with how I look. I just want some more meat on me, that’s all!

so we have come up with the plan of eating calori free snacks. As much as I will try to stay away from the donughts , I don’t think this plan will work at all. Though I can definitely cut down on the juice intake! 😀


Yup! with more constant Braxton hicks contractions, I am 2cm dilated and 20% effaced! Though we have at least 2 more weeks to go if not more, the doctor explained that this was a good sign and that I could stay 2cm throughout the rest of the pregnancy or it could go faster than that. Whatever the case might be, as long as the baby decides to come after 36 weeks, we should be fine and ready for him.


Talking about ready, my to do list is OFF THE CHARTS! I’ve got so much to do! Since Adriel’s birthday, I had picked up on a fifth class (since pregnancy). So far so good, but I think I should have waited this out. The class has been on the way of me accomplishing a lot of tasks, but thankfully I have one more week left. I’m very afraid that in one week things could start rolling and I will be swamped. Thankfully last night Chris decided to come up with a meeting time today to see how we can make things run smoothly. So are we ready? Baby is ready to be welcomed and everything is set for him. We have finally seen the rocking chair that I wanted and will be ordering it today! 🙂 besides that, i’d like to cook different dishes and store them in the freezer for the boys to take care of themselves while I recuperate after baby. I also have some more organization to do in my closet as far as getting rid of all pregnancy clothes ( maybe store them for the next round). Oh and of course packing for hospital hasn’t been done yet, I did see a nice doomey&burkey bag that I could use as both the hospital bag and diaper bag. Loved it! And I think it’ll match the car sit and stroller very well! But everything is leading towards next week. ( I feel like I’m thinking while typing:) ).

All in all, im super excited and once everything is on track as supposed to, I’ll be over the moon! ITS GETTING CLOSE!!!

Until next time,


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