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Hi there! 

So Mother’s Day is around the corner and I can’t be more excited to welcome this Mother’s Day while expecting a second little one! (Hoping he can come on Mother’s Day! Wouldn’t that be great?). So many mother bloggers are already blogging about Mother’s Day gifts ideas and I personally wanted to get a little “personal” on what I love about being a mother. 

I was 19 when I got pregnant of Adriel. 19 years old .. freshman in college, which I had to drop and take care of my underweight pregnancy at home with family. But that lasted a little while because at 7 months into the pregnancy, I was “culturally” (emphasis on the ‘cultural’ part since that was basically something you can consider ‘engagement’ here in the US but in the African cultural it’s supposed to be a type of wedding that is more respected than the religious one. .. right. ). Anyways, after 5 years in, I had to pack my life and start over as a co-parenter while rebuilding my life in every aspect. From making a 360 turn on nursing program right before starting the program, to starting a communication and mass media major from scratch while at the same time making sure I do things that make me happy. 

Talking about happiness, there is no one I’d rather be than being a mother and a wife. Since I had Adriel at a young age, I had no experience whatsoever and everyone just expected chaos from a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. So I knew I had to prepare myself. I studied EVERYTHING baby online. From their crying cues, to how to breastfeed,set schedules, meal plans, education planning,etc.. I knew I wanted to be the best mother I could be to my kid and there’s always something about me being decisive on what I want until I get there. From picking which private school Adriel was going to start on, to now observing him and figuring out the little man in him and working on giving him whatever it takes to make him a great man. All this still while learning from any books and best articles I can put my hands on. By the way,  I can’t thank my husband enough in this part. He really helped me open my eyes and see that Adriel was no longer a baby and that I needed to approach my parenting a little differently now. He’s such an amazing dad figure to him and I can never thank God enough for him in our lives.

Though sometimes I run out of breath and energy, Just laying down on the bed every night and knowing that I did my best as a mother throughout the day fulfills me and gives me more courage to do it again and again with a smile on my face. I am a very detailed parent. Which I think is a good thing but I try to not go too overboard not to drive myself crazy. From what my son wears and how he wears it, to how clean his teeth are ( yes, I’m the type to bring him back to the sinck and re-brush his teeth until it’s squeaky clean), to even how clean he looks when he gets out of the shower ( believe me when I say that I can tell if he used soap or not. And if not, he knows to turn back around and re-shower).

When it comes to what he eats and his routine, everything is set on stone and I am glad that he had been picking up on the changes I have made lately on his schedule. ( we cut the tv time to 2 hours a week since he has a lot of gaming time when he goes away for the weekend). 

Quality time with him is very important to us. My husband and I switch days. He loves to take him out to the malls or shoot some hoops and most nights, spends couple of minutes ( which might go to almost an hour if I don’t knock on the door) with him before Adriel tucks in right after prayer. I love that about Chris. He is very attentive to him and also makes him understand many things. He’s like a child whisperer ( seriously!). As for me, I like to get him involved with me in the kitchen where we chop and talk together. He might be making popsicles or help with mixing desert or even help me cut some veggies while we talk. I love that bonding time.

Though I am enjoying staying at home and making sure every single detail of each member of my little family’s life is well sharpened, I have a busy personal schedule with classes and of course blogging which I am working on taking to the next level. 

All in all, I know that having such an amazing husband makes it easier for me to be the best I can be as the manager of this amazing company called ‘Mi Familia’.

Now, what I want for Mother’s Day? Hmm…Though I’d love a day at a spa, I’ve been eying the 2017 Lexus RX 350 for a family car BADLY!! So we’ll see!!!! :))

Anyways, thank you son much for stopping by! Until next time, stay loved and if you’re a mother, remember how much you rock! Without us, there’s no them! :)) 


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