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What’s in my hospital bag + Baby corner tour! 

Hi lovely! Hope your day is going as planned!

If you have been reading my bumpdates, then you know that I had yet to pack for the hospital. But GUESS WHAT?! .. YEEAAHH, I finally found the right hospital bag THAT CAN ACTUALLY TRANSITION INTO A DIAPER BAG AFTER HOSPITAL! there! Wish granted! I’m excited. We looked and searched all over just to end up at Macy’s and there, at the Dooney&Bourke section stood a bag that was calling my name!! Chris loved it and i did too. I was a little hesitant on which color to pick ( they had black and brown,multicolor and pink) but Chris thought blue was perfect and I though that since it was a boy as well, why not? 🙂

Inside my hospital Bag

Inside the bag I put the baby stuff and my stuff and they fit perfectly. My hospital bag checklist included :night gown,robe,toiletries,nursing tanks and bras,lip balm,make-up,’grandma undies’, socks and will be bringing my sleepers (not shown since I’m wearing them for now). I have yet to get an outfit for homegoing but that should be a quick grab one of these days.

For Baby
I packed his lotion,going home outfit.( which is very well wrapped and I prefer not to show until he wears it! ).  I had packed his bottles just in case I needed to pump, but after today’s doctor’s visit , I learned that there was no need since they’ll provide everything while I’m there.

That’s basically it for the baby!

With everything all packed, you can already see how perfect this bag is as far as space. 

Baby CORNER tour

So we have decided to co-sleep with the baby for couple of months. While most of his things that I will need on a daily basis will be in our room, Adriel will be sharing one side of the closet and dresser with his little brother. ( he’s excited to see that when he opens the other closet door, he sees little clothes and that just pumps him up with excitements. Total sweetness). The boys have been amazing setting up the crib and everything that’s on the walls (With of course my very picky self telling them exactly where everything should go). I wanted to combine yellow and blue but a little twist to the blue. So I picked turquoise and yellow with a hint of grey. I wanted something boy-ish but also a little hint of unique combination, and voilà! 🙂

P.S: we will be moving the changing table around once the Rocking chair arrives! 🙂


So now that this little bump is almost gone, time to totally clean up my closet and give it a fresh look!! .. not sure when I’m doing this , but I hope to get this done before this weekend ends!

Thank you so much for stopping by sweety! I wish you a great rest of the day! Don’t forget to stay lovely and not let anything negative get in the way.

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