Post baby day and night facial routine

Hi beautiful,

So now that the very nice hormones that got my skin glowing during pregnancy is no longer there ( sad!😩 ) , today I wanna share with you my new skin routine. I started with these products about two weeks before giving birth and I think I will stick with them until of course something goes wrong.

Before pregnancy I really did not have any special routine. I was working in a dermatology clinic so I was able to get the right prescriptions for my acne and my skin was clear from the prescribed creams. Other than that, I would use products like Aveeno or just take my older son’s lotion and rub it on my face.

But this time I want to take things on a serious level. Just when I was walking to the sephora store to get the whole Tata Harper skin care (boy I was gonna spend!), I noticed that the mall had the bodyshop! So I decided to go in there and see what they had, if they had anything that I could compare with Tata Harper. I wanted an all organic set.  So they introduced their new ‘drop of youth’ products. From that I picked the peeling gel and the facial cream. I mixed these ones with an aloe Vera toner, washer and make up remover and bam! I was ready to start on my face morning and night routine.

So without further due , this is my


I wash my face with the aloe calming foam, which by the way leaves your skin feeling soft right away. I exfoliate 2-3 times a week and other days I use my hands.

After wash comes the toner to get deeper into the pores. This toner is gentle as it says 🙂 I use this 2-3 times a day or if I used make-up the day or night before.

Then I use the liquid peel drop of youth .. this I do 3 times a week. This stuff works wonders! You literally see the dead skin and all the craziness your skin spills out right into your fingers. Yes, just like a peeling facial at the spa! 🙂

Now, if you have hair on the sides of your face like I do ( no worries they’re like sideburns or something), the peel get stuck in there and when washing, all I do is use the aloe wash to wash everything off and bam! Done with the washing.

I then apply the drop of youth -youth cream to seal the deal.

Believe me when I say that by the time I am done with this, I have no desire to put on make up just by looking at how clean and fresh  my skin looks !


For my nighttime routine, I first remove any make up with the Aloe make-up remover. I love this remover simply because I have the assurance that it’s organic  ( just like all other products I am using) and it can be applied on the eyes too! Very gently and no strong smells. Just perfect! 

Then I either exfoliate ( if make up was applied) or not .with the Aloe wash.

I then apply the youth cream. 

Now, while pregnant I had dark circles that would really show around my eyes and mouth. As I am watching them fade, I am thinking that I should still use an eye cream. Thinking of going back and getting the drop of youth eye cream for dark circles one of these days.

There you have it! I can honnesy say that having a personal time in the bathroom taking care of your skin is very important. I love taking my time and going to bed knowing that my skin is breathing right and has the right ingredients in it 🙂

Stick around for what I use for my body post baby ( stretch marks, discoloration,etc..).

What is your night and day routine?

Until next time! Xoxo!

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