Tristan’s Birth Story

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It feels like forever since I updated anything in my family blog and as you can imagine , it’s been a handful 1 month already! Yes!! It’s been a month already since Tristan joined the crew! How time flies ,right? !

Well, since I didn’t do a birth story right away and I’m doing it a month later, I’ll combine that with memories and photos we took along the way since he got here.

Labor story

My false labor started about two weeks before due date. I could swear to you that the due date being May 20th, we knew that the baby way definetely going to come way sooner than that. But boy we’re we wrong. Two weeks passed and the 40th week came and there were no contractions whatsoever anymore. Not even the false labor I was having two weeks prior. At this point I have done all the labor induction Google could possibly suggest AND of course advice from people. Well, I gotta say.. nothing worked. From herbal tea, to nasty oils,walk , YOU name it, i did it..nothing induced the labor. I was over it , tired and exhausted. I didn’t want to be induced a week later per the doctor since this procedure wasn’t natural and I’ve read all about the pain that it adds to an already painful labor. So it was a big no-no.

The trick that got the true labor started RIGHT AWAY

Three days later, Chris and I went out in the middle of the night throw the trash out. Mind you this is three days past due date. No contractions at all and in my mind I know that we definitely were going to end up getting induced. So while Chris and I are walking towards the dumpster and I’m whining about everything. So it’s the that he tells me “babe, I know for sure that if we run from here back to the front of the building, your labor will start”. My desperate self looked at him as if he was crazy. “How in the world am I going to run a mini marathon with this heavy belly” I thought. Then two steps later, I looked at him again thinking that he might be right. So I decided ” let’s do it babe”. At that point, With Chris as my running mate, I had to make the heaviness of my belly disappear and picture ourselves running for our lives. So there we were , running. I’m sure whoever saw us that night must’ve thoughts that I was out of my mind. We reached in front of the building and Chris stopped and said that we could stop. At that point I was already motivated to keep going. So I told Chris that I wanted to go couple more steps… by the time I was saying this.. THE REAL ,VERY FAMILIAR labor pain finally came. Have you ever jumped of joy for having the worst pain ever?? I DID!

Two hours later , we found ourselves getting ready to go to the hospital. It was 3 a.m in the morning of May 23rd. We woke up Adriel and had to drop him off at my sisiter’s house. I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain but I gotta say that this labor pain cannot be compared to my first labor pain. This was worst. But I kept it together .. or at least I tried.

At the hospital

Once we got to the hospital, Chris was expecting that I will need a wheelchair and that things will start getting crazier from there. But I was able to walk myself in, check-in and answering all the questions while of course pausing every 2-3 minutes when the contractions would come. Chris’ face was pretty calm and that’s exactly how I wanted it to be. One thing I promised myself was to make sure I do not give Chris a hard time. This pregnancy journey has been such an amazing one and I wanted it to end smoothly.

We were already 7 cm once we got triaged, and it was now time to wait for baby to come.. so we got admitted, Chris pulled his sofa bed next to me , kicked off his sneakers and fell asleep. He needed much sleep and I couldn’t remember when was the last time he slept. At that point, he understood my way of coping with the pain and that was for him to give me space and to stay quiet during contractions. Any noise,touching, phone ringing or footsteps,etc.. were all distractions to my technique of handling the pain. So with Chris asleep, I had 3 more centimeters to go until showtime.


After 8 years , I didn’t even know anymore if I was gonna remember how to push. But thanks to a very nice nurse, I was able to push the baby after 3 rounds and this took 10 minutes.

At 10:24 A.M , Tristan was finally here and in my arms. Though I had a very sharp headache right after pushing, nothing could stop me from having that fresh skin to skin with him. Oh, and daddy had the honor of cutting his first cord! Yay!!

And just like that, he was finally here. As unbelievable as it was.. I was officially a mother of another tiny human. A little human that will depend on my for food,comfort,warmth,care … everything!

Tears of joy ran down my cheeks when I heard that little cry. A voice so soft that you wouldn’t let him cry for another second. My heart was filled.

And just like that, our world became a little bigger. Once we were 3, but now we are a crew of 4! God is good.

So many memories already this past 4 weeks but I couldn’t fit all of the photos here. But here is a re-cap of the last 3 weeks! Enjoy!

First Day/Week One

Two days after delivery, we were sent home ( I couldn’t wait!) and the very next day, we were to see the pediatrician. Chris was all hands on deck and I just loved ( and still love) seeing him all over Tristan. He’s an amazing dad. First week was a training week for Chris and Adriel when it came to holding the little one and carrying him. Of course Dad got it on lock after couple of tries and Adriel still needed more practice and wasn’t going to stop until he got it.

Second week

This week was a very busy week for Tristan. He was introduced to falling asleep on my back while I used that time to catch up on the house chores, he got his first military photoshoot with daddy,we took him out to get some fresh air and we also visited my mom to show her how big he was getting. Tristan’s stretches are of another planet and I just love watching him curl himself in so many ways that only he can :). Also this week, we had aunties and uncles come to visit as well as some close friends. Besides that, just a lot of love and bonding in the house. Oh and Dad definitely got hit with the reality of being a dad this week. “It finally kicked in” he said. 🙂 and the swearing of not changing poop diapers? Out the window! Lol.

Third Week

This week Tristan was introduced to his first bath. No more sponge bath. Of course the first day was a disaster, but from the third day on, getting out of the water has been a fight! 🙂  He is growing super fast and getting taller and taller everyday. After his two weeks visit, he was at 11 ibs and 24 inches long. 🙂 0-3 months size is getting very tight and he has t even worn all of the clothes in that size just yet :(.

1 month ( to be posted on monthly updates!).

Thank you so much for stopping by! Come again soon!

P.S: I would advice to hire a photographer in the delivery room. I wish I had this idea all along. I didn’t want Chris to worry about being behind the camera. I wanted him and I to live the moment and take it all in. Thanks to nurses to snapped some photos for us, but a photographer would be a great idea!

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