Hello Curls!!!


I’m super excited to finally say that I found a brand that I really love! Most especially when it comes to defining curls after twist outs, shingle method,braid outs,etc.. and shall I add that there are no white residues and the smell is amazzziiiinnggg?!!!

So I started this journey with carol’s daughter products and ecostyler gel, unfortunately ..big thumb down 🙁 at least for my hair type. After deciding to switch brands, I decided to observe others with natural hair on Instagram and which products were being used mostly. So I decided to follow the trend! And I was not disappointed AT ALL! I love love love it!!

Definitely a recommendation! Look no further if you’re a naturalista and want defined curls… go with curls! ( yup! The product’s name is literally that.. curls!)

In the photos below are of a twist out I did last night. I was very tired that I just wanted to get it over With. But trust me that the next one will be the bomb. I also did get a little frizz but that’s because I had some big twist outs that didn’t dry well and some small ones ( like I said, I was beat) but nothing that the products did. The blame’s on my neglecting and tired self. But no worries! We’ve found the right products! We’ll twist till we can’t twist anymore!! Ha!

What I used was a leave in conditioner and the curling jelly. To add shine, I mixed it with a garnier fructice oil and bam! 🙂

A’right ladies! Gotta go wrap my hair!

Love ya!

Oh! And .. you can thank me later! 😉


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