4th of July outfits ideas from my closet

Hello ladies,

So Fourth of July is around the corner and we might be going to watch fire-works in D.C.

So before I could think of hitting the mall , for the first time I considered digging into my closet first. This might be because I haven’t worn my regular sized clothes in a while since my belly could no longer fit in them till now. So I’ve been having fun playing dress up again! ( finally! I was getting annoyed by motherhood fashion!) if you’ve been pregnant before, you know exactly what I mean! Right?

Anyways, not sure which mood I’ll be in this 4th of July, but I’m thinking casual and simple … less is always more for me. 

So this red stripes dress was bought from 2 years ago and I’ve only worn it once. ( I have a bad habit of wearing clothes only once.. my husband is really trying hard to help me break that). I love that I’m comfortable in it and if the weather is just perfect ( and no wind), I might rock it.

Next .. I’ve worn this body suit from Zara once and the jeans are my favorites. I got them from h&m last fall. I’ve worn these jeans millions of times. In case it’s windy on the forth, I might be safe with jeans.. but respect of course to the red and blue 🙂

Last but definitely not least, in case We decide to spend the day at home.. cause chances are , hubby might be called on duty and Adriel will be away.. so I’ll be cozying up with Tristan in these red sweater shirt from Zara and these shorts that I’ve had for yeeeaaarrs! 🙂 #americanpride or what with all these reds,hunh?

Alright ! That’s it for now so far. I’m still digging and I’m sure as soon as I decide to clean up my closet I’ll find more reds  and blues and whites.. still got couple of days until then so no worries.

What about you? What are you wearing on the 4th?



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