How I lost my baby belly in less than a week

Yup! You read right! After giving birth to Tristan this past May 23rd, I was able to attack that saggy belly right away. What I did , you might ask? Well, I promised to keep this post short and sweet. (Who’s got time to read an article anyways? ). See below! 🙂


While I was at the hospital I made sure to order two big cups of hot tea every morning. This was a regular Lipton tea. It would help with the uncomfortable fundal massage that I would get three times a day starting one hour after I would drink the tea. And though I would get very hungry throughout the day (and I somehow was craving soda), I watched what I ate and made sure I drank lotsa water during the day. And I would also wrap up each night with one cup of hot tea. ( And yes, I’d go to the bathroom every 30 minutes,lol). I spent 2 days at the hospital after delivering and drinking hot tea and staying hydrated really helped get rid of most of the blood from the stomach faster  than it would have without this routine. There was even a nurse who noticed how fast I was recovering :).


Now here comes the main routine that did the rest of the job. Now we are home, and it’s still the second day ( we left the hospital at  1pm and the drive was 10min ,lol). After settling down, I jumped to look for the wrap I have prepared a while ago for my stomach. Though I have asked for the elastic wrap from the hospital, I knew that it would not work as fast as I wanted it too. I’ve used it (the elastic wrap) when I was pregnant with Adriel and it was just very.. annoying for many reasons. Anyways, so this time I used an African fabric which I cut a very long piece of. I’m 5’9 and I cut a fabric that was twice my height. (If this can help you visualize .. didn’t measure how long I cut,sorry). I would first use a stretch mark oil (Bio oil has always worked for me) before wrapping my stomach. Wonder how I wrapped it? Well look below ! 🙂

(I really regret not having a “before” picture. But this picture was taken on day 5).

After wrapping my belly, I keep it on for a whole day until next day before shower to re-wrap after shower. I did this for about a week but the results were evident every single day. On day 5 I was already satisfied with what I saw and could stop there, but just to be super satisfied, I continued for two more days.

Besides regular tea, I drank a slim tea twice within that week and boy! It worked! (Thankfully I had nowhere to go during those days,ha!). I love this tea. My sister was loosing weight magically

And I had to ask her secret and she showed me this tea and in my turn I showed it to my brother-in- law who showed it to his roommate, and now I’m sharing it with you! 🙂

So there you have it!

P.S: just a disclaimer that I do not guarantee that this will work for you. It worked for me and I thought I’d share. I’m also not a specialist of any kind, just making my own judgements. Let me know if you’ll be trying this! Until next time,

( one month postpartum in this picture).

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  • Anonymous

    OMG.. you are so beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.. will definitely try this

    • aminata1

      Thank you so much! And great! Let me know how it works out for you!! :)) thanks for stopping by!

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