How I manage this family of 4 without loosing my mind

Hey lovely! Thanks for stopping by! So as I promised on my IG, I wanted to share some tips and tricks on how I manage my family while working,studying,blogging and doing other extra things on the side. How do I do all of these without loosing my mind , you ask? Well.. let’s proceed!

First of all, it’s a no brainer that having a partner who is your teammate and understands ,helps out, supports and encourages you is very critical. I can say that I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to that and I’m forever grateful for my husband. Besides that, there are steps that I take to make sure that everything and everyone is where they are supposed to be.

My planner is everything

On my planner I have everything jotted down. From laundry days, to weekly meals,bills due dates, dates to check on my in-laws (yup! Gotta have that, or else I’ll get carried away and you can imagine how bad of a look that would be!), etc.. I also have a notebook in which I write down my daily goals or anything that comes to mind that will need to be done or put on my planner. This planner is my guide,the map to our lives. Without it , I seriously loose it. 

Everyone is “all hands on deck”

We have rules in the house. The number one rule is that everyone is a team member.  The house has no reason to be messy if everyone takes care of everything they can right away. For instence, if one of us sees trash on the floor , we pick it up without expecting anyone else to do it. Same thing goes for the dishes,organizing rooms,cleaning bathrooms,etc.. with this , you can already see how my work is cut in half and there’s definitely no rooms for stress.

Priority,Goals,plans… can’t live without these 

I have weekly/monthly priority for myself and as well as each one of the boys. These are written on the house calendar and need to be met by due dates. it could be anything from making important calls,scheduling appointments, clipping the kids nails,oil change, etc .. Me and my husband feel very fulfilled whenever we accomplish our weekly and monthly goals. Which we usually do 95% of the time. Whenever we fall short on an accomplishement, we move that task to the following week or month. By far its been almost a year that we’ve adopted this and I don’t think we can ever succeed the way we do without this routine.

My days off are all about MOI

YES,you read right. With a newborn, an 8 year old and a husband, I do have my days off.( I kinda have always had them even before baby). On these days I do nothing outside of ME. I don’t cook (because I’ve cooked already and prepared for this day), don’t clean,don’t check emails.. nothing ‘work’ related; Just as I’d have days off from real world work.. 

With Tristan Being a newborn, I am taking it slow on him. He’s my exception. So if I step out and formula isn’t working with him, I will need to be called and I’ll be right there in no time. Other than that, my husband and son know not to get on my way during my days off. This is thanks to an amazing husband who takes over when my hands are off deck. ( my husband also have his days off ).

Family meeting

We have two family meetings a month. This lets me know what needs attention,what’s not working for our son , what are my husband needs , which routine I am adding or removing (depending on the season), etc.. I love planning way ahead of time. 

I need my 8 hours of sleep

I do not function without my 8 hours in. frankly,thanks to my husband who’s been helping with Tristan while I sleep through the early morning. Without enough sleep, I am very cranky all day and my mood will affect the boys and therefore,not too good of a day for everyone. So they all know to let me get my rest. After all, mommy’s the life of the party in this family , she needs energy! 🙂

Fun time all day everyday 

Okay, one thing I need to tell you .. I love me a happy family. Even when it takes me to initiate the fun, I’ll do it. But we are all silly. After a morning of organizing,cleaning,etc.. we put music,go out to the mall or simply play games at home. We try to cut down on tv as much as possible so that we can value the present moments. Having fun is a must and I love going to sleep knowing that love was fully shared throughout the day. 

Dressing as if I was at a real world work

My motivation is when I wake up. I line up my clothes, shower and always have time to look good. I take this seriously because the way I look everyday is part of setting up my mood for the day. And of course hubby is always complimenting ;). I also feel professional and motivated when working in my office in a nice outfit. I get things done in a very professional manner and I’m not satisfied until all that I needed done is done before I step away from my desk. There’s a saying that says “when you look good,you feel good,you are nice,you are more positive and therefore happy”. It all starts from starting your day looking good! 🙂 

Boys day out,Mom day in

Who doesn’t like that quiet time all to herself? Thankfully my boys love the outdoors more than me and they don’t hesitate to go out whenever they randomly plan to. I on the other hand will fix my coffee and read a book or go over some work related due dates. 

Double checking

The sweetest thing I love the most is how we always double check on each other. Adriel would make sure I don’t need anything every now and then throughout the day, my husband will do the same with us. The one question I love asking the boys once in a while is “ are you happy?” Wether its at the moment or just in general. And so far their answers have put my heart at ease :). Their happiness is my goal every time I open my eyes in the morning. 

Understanding my role as a wife and mother really had put into perspective everything that I need to do in order to have a happy,healthy and successful family. I am their backbone, I am everything (or almost) to them. So even when I put on different hats throughout the days, I also need to take off those hats at times and unwind. I would say that the most important part is always setting aside time for me,myself and I. This makes me feel fulfilled and makes me know that I also have a life and I need to take care of me too. (Same thing goes for my husband).

There! See? With a great organization skill, you can live a very peaceful life. It doesn’t matter if you work full time or stay at home. There’s always a way to make sure you live a stressless life. Thank you for stopping by,

Until next topic! Xo!


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