Omelette au Frites et sardines-snowed in morning breakfast

Have you ever tried omelette with fries? If yes, have you tried it with sardines?? ( yum,hunh?). But if not, YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT to what might be your go to- 10 min prep (even less if you use frozen fries)! Today was a snow day and Chris was unfortunately stuck at work since last night and I and Adriel decided to make ourselves some Omelette au frittes et…

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Comfort food kinda day.

We were under the weather, so this comfort food really put some tastes in our taste buds and the boys loved it. I grew up eating this as our mother would cook basically potatos mixed with anything. And I have picked up this routine. Whenever I find that I don’t have anything to cook in mind, Potatos are always a go to. This recipe takes about 1h30 minutes to make,…

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